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6616 Avondale Dr (Auction Thurs Oct 30th at 6pm)
5% down 30 days to close 10% buyers premium
Open House: Sat Oct 18th & 25th 10-3p
Call32,654Dakil, LouisNichols HillsOK 10/17/2014272
2563 Cross Cut Ln $414,90033,324Faust, DawnChoctawOKChoctaw/Nicoma Park10/17/2014406
709 Drover Lane
$1000 Bonus to selling realtor
$218,00041,952Payne-Field, RebeccaYukonOKYukon10/17/2014132
705 Drover Lane
$1000 Bonus to selling realtor
$208,50041,861Payne-Field, RebeccaYukonOKYukon10/17/201495
2408 NW 175th St $253,20032,231Payne-Field, RebeccaEdmondOKEdmond10/17/2014195
2328 NW 173rd St $222,50031,961Payne-Field, RebeccaEdmondOKEdmond10/17/2014173
2324 NW 173rd St $249,90032,231Payne-Field, RebeccaEdmondOKEdmond10/17/2014148
1 NE 2nd St Unit No 321 (Auction Oct 30th at 6pm)
5% down 30 days to close 10% buyers premium
Open House: Sat Oct 18th & 25th 10-3p
Call21,289Dakil, LouisOklahoma CityOKOklahoma City10/17/2014121
2609 SE 8th St $230,00031,928Collier, DawnMooreOKMoore10/17/2014273
4816 SW 127th St $255,55042,182Yeager, JodyOklahoma CityOKOklahoma City10/16/2014373
4313 Middlefield Ct $474,90043,914Foster, ScottNormanOKTruman/Whit/NN10/16/2014774
3602 Quail Dr $229,50032,270Duck, DamonNormanOKTruman/Whit/NNHS10/16/2014739
4116 Kensington Dr $136,00031,320Nelson, JulieMooreOKMoore10/16/2014315
23480 N Hiwassee Rd (Auction Thurs Oct 30th at 6p)
5% down 30 days to close 10% buyers premium
Open House: Sat Oct 18th & 25th 10-3p
Call42,640Dakil, LouisArcadiaOKLuther10/16/2014222
705 N Buckhorn Way
Lake Front Home
$209,90042,147Woodson, NicoleMustangOKMustang10/15/2014350
1922 Black Powder Way
Corner Lot
$207,90042,056Woodson, NicoleMustangOKMustang10/15/2014250
2533 Kathy Ct $129,50021,236Sarah Planer CRS, Susan PlanerOklahoma CityOKOklahoma City10/15/2014336
904 S Berry
Old World Charm with a Modern Touch!
$729,00043,556Bowline, DarleneNormanOKJackson/Alcott/NHS10/15/20141,063
3128 St Clair Common $749,00034,059Andre, AmeliaNormanOKTruman/Whit/NNHS10/15/2014729
2533 Walnut Rd $439,90032,990McCurdy, MarkNormanOKMcKin/Alcott/NHS10/15/2014
Under Contract
2920 SE 26th St $234,90042,045Kerr Real Estate Team, WallyMooreOKMoore10/15/2014375
1104 SW 160th Ct $184,90031,996McKenzie, AngelaOklahoma CityOKMoore10/15/2014386
3829 Cobble Circle $162,00031,689Veal, TraceyNormanOKTruman/Whit/NNHS10/15/2014573
1404 Sunnybrook Lane $140,00031,552Hubbs, NikiiOklahoma CityOKMustang10/15/2014307
2712 Creekview Place $127,00031,413Bladow, AmyNormanOKNorman10/15/2014468
1209 Dustin Dr $214,90032,139Andy Newman, Tony Graham &NormanOKLincoln/Irving/NHS10/15/2014573
1401 Alan Lane (Auction Thurs Oct 30th at 6pm)
5% down 30 days to close 10% buyers premium
Open House: Sat Oct 18th & 25th 10-3p
Call31,428Dakil, LouisMidwest CityOKMid Del10/15/2014416
3321 NW 26th St (Auction Oct 30th at 6pm)
5% down 30 days to close 10% buyers premium
Open House: Sat Oct 18th & 25th 10-3p
Call2960Dakil, LouisOklahoma CityOKOklahoma City10/15/2014327
1433 SW 69th St $119,90031,560Miller, RobertOklahoma CityOKOklahoma City10/15/2014301
9500 S Sooner Rd $379,90032,115Ballinger, LesleyOklahoma CityOKMoore10/15/2014400
1260 Spring Shadow Dr $199,90042,340Atkinson, BethChoctawOKChoctaw/Nicoma Park10/14/2014284
10212 Alicia Dr $139,90041,547Atkinson, BethOklahoma CityOKMid Del10/14/2014475
1308 Beverly Hills St $179,90041,877Gasaway, KeithNormanOKNorman10/13/2014985
4101 Kittyhawk Dr
Blanchard- Four Lakes
$245,00032,264Erhardt, TerryBlanchardOKBlanchard10/10/2014801
8501 Placker Place $149,90031,599Saxon, Jackie and TerryOklahoma CityOKMoore10/10/2014901
3008 SW 138th St
42,287Llewelyn, KimOklahoma CityOKMoore10/09/20141,165
9615 NE 4th St $99,90031,200Bobala, GingerMidwest CityOKOklahoma City10/09/2014794
505 Crown Dr $115,00031,304Watson, GordonYukonOKYukon10/09/2014537
18812 SE 58th St $290,00032,552Hulette, TonuaNewallaOKMcLoud10/09/2014540
2303 N Lincoln Ave $107,00031,206Clowdus, StephanieMooreOKMoore10/09/2014775
861 Nebraska St
3/2/1 walking distance to Norman High School
$116,90031,286Taber, Warren K.NormanOKAdams/Whittier/NHS10/09/20141,125
1705 SW 40th St $279,90032,301Team, The UB HomeMooreOKSouthmoore10/09/2014738
575 Misty Morning
1 Acre
$419,00054,000Sarah Planer CRS, Susan PlanerChoctawOKChoctaw/Nicoma Park10/08/20141,118
491 NW 12th Ave
Goldsby on 1.5 Acres Built in 2005
$274,90032,390Foster, ScottNormanOKJackson/Alcott/NHS10/08/20141,353
620 SW 5th St $389,00053,773Llewelyn, BreannNewcastleOKNewcastle10/08/2014602
2900 Highland Ridge Dr $286,00042,580Holmes, GwenNormanOKAdams/Whit/NNHS10/08/20141,158
2809 Angela Francis Place $165,00042,090Gordon, Paul and KathyMooreOKMoore10/08/2014901
2106 Martingale Dr $219,50032,066Kerr Real Estate Team, WallyNormanOKNorman10/08/20141,108
16012 Romeo Dr $180,53831,565Thomas, CheramiEdmondOKDeer Creek10/08/2014901
4753 Del Porte St
Storm Shelter
$119,90031,387King, PamDel cityOKMid Del10/08/2014547
223 E Rich St $72,5002873Yandell, LisaNormanOKWilson/NNHS10/08/2014877
1715 Flamingo Dr
2.04 Acres
$389,00044,934Jones, DianeBlanchardOKBlanchard10/08/2014583
509 Cantebury Dr $249,00032,100Koeltzow, TommyTuttleOKTuttle10/08/2014280
1217 Mountain Brook Dr $439,90043,660Vawter, SallieNormanOKRsvlt/NNHS10/07/20141,347
1925 24th Ave SW $95,000
3928Hubbs, NikiiNormanOKNorman10/07/20141,028
1208 Hollow Tree Terrace $102,0002952Dunaway, BenjaminNormanOKReagan/NHS10/07/2014843
12100 SE 99th St $255,00042,877Collier, DawnOklahoma CityOKMid Del10/07/2014
Under Contract
7208 NW 111th St $235,00042,669Ivins, BeckyOklahoma CityOKPutnam City10/07/2014950
4808 Crystal Lake Rd $274,50032,662Crawford, TammyNormanOKNorman10/07/20141,158
404 Windjammer St $214,90031,981Andy Newman, Tony Graham &NormanOKTruman/NHS10/07/2014
Under Contract
616 Lemonade Rd
4.70 Acres
$449,90034,774Jones, DianeBlanchardOKBlanchard10/06/2014693
2200 Diana Dr $171,00031,494Stiles, JoAnneNormanOKWashington/NHS10/06/20141,028
720 Flaming Oaks $240,00032,625Goss, BettyNormanOKWash/Irving/NHS10/06/20141,296
21377 Bethel Rd $279,00032,033Groves, PatriciaTecumsehOKTecumseh10/06/2014390
21542 Long Trail
Wonderful Home,Deer Creek Schls,Storm Shelter
$210,00032,226Beasley, AlisonEdmondOKDeer Creek10/03/2014883
2037 Oak Dr $205,00032,036Lane, LindaMooreOKMoore10/03/20141,269
3104 Woodcrest Creek Dr $182,40031,520Krings, PattiNormanOKJefferson/Long/NNHS10/03/20141,228
9201 Whispering Oak Dr $239,90032,190Willard, Stacy + ShaneMidwest CityOKMid Del10/03/2014974
19501 SE 134th St $200,00031,642Kehl, MariaMcloudOKLittle Axe10/03/2014391
2216 SW 63rd St $137,00032,198Kehl, MariaOklahoma CityOKOklahoma City10/03/20141,034
2239 Park Ave
1 Acre
$285,00032,717York, JanetNewcastleOKNewcastle10/02/2014725
2343 CR 1269
$132,90031,279Taylor, PamelaBlanchardOKBridge Creek10/02/2014658
13100 Stevens Rd $192,00032,113Gwin, RondaShawneeOKDale10/01/2014969
400 SE 2nd St $148,90031,778Windle, KimBlanchardOKBlanchard10/01/2014638
11201 Winelake Dr $400,00033,000Bratton, RhondaOklahoma CityOKMoore10/01/20141,286
3101 Greenwood Ct $169,90031,882Holbrook, BobNormanOKAdams/Whit/NNHS10/01/20141,324
200 Greentree Dr $130,00031,379Kehl, MariaNobleOKNoble10/01/2014712
10851 SE 68th St $399,90043,675Atkinson, BethOklahoma CityOKMid Del10/01/20141,031
1610 Rain Tree $299,90042,357Atkinson, BethMidwest CityOKChoctaw/Nicoma Park10/01/2014480
1614 Rain Tree $269,90042,114Atkinson, BethMidwest CityOKChoctaw/Nicoma Park10/01/2014440
2404 Tivoli Terrace $269,90042,830Forney, Jack & KeestyOklahoma CityOKMoore10/01/20141,050
408 Alpine Dr
Gorgeous Pool Home in Cherry Creek
$204,90031,850Krings, PattiNormanOKTruman/Alcott/NHS10/01/20142,070
920 NW 19th St $155,00031,719McQueen, JoshuaMooreOKMoore10/01/20141,336
422 Nebraska $119,90031,276Veal, TraceyNormanOKAdams/NNHS10/01/20141,318
1737 Lenox Dr $152,90031,401McCurdy, MarkNormanOKJackson/NHS10/01/20141,307
118 Stone Hollow Crossing $174,90031,851Matthews, StephanieMidwest CityOKChoctaw/Nicoma Park09/30/20141,144
6309 S Robinson Ave $95,00031,350Stiles, JoAnneOklahoma CityOKOklahoma City09/30/2014926
2224 Apache St $148,00031,734Llewelyn, BreannChoctawOKChoctaw/Nicoma Park09/30/20141,055
15812 White Night Ct $174,00031,771Krings, PattiOklahoma CityOKMoore09/30/2014370
810 CS 2990
5 Acres
$170,00031,656York, JanetBlanchardOKBlanchard09/29/2014815
4209 Scissortail Dr
Meticulous & Move-In Ready
$204,90042,111Taylor, PamelaYukonOKYukon09/29/2014708
1104 Meadowlake Dr $107,50031,336Black, StephinieNobleOKNoble09/29/2014749
1316 Teakwood Dr $155,00031,592Bev Lafferrandre, Karen McIntoNormanOKKennedy/NHS09/29/20141,227
2224 Mulberry Ln
1 Acre
$399,00033,469Hawkins, ChristyNewcastleOKNewcastle09/29/2014663
4015 Red Deer Crossing
built on 2 lots...2.77 acres, Gated Community
$1,985,00046,890Kerr Real Estate Team, WallyEdmondOKEdmond09/29/20141,394
3105 Red Rock Dr
FABULOUS 3 Bed+Study or 4 Bed ~ By New Elem!
$189,00041,821Llewelyn, KimOklahoma CityOKMoore09/29/20141,059
1521 Craford Ct
$149,90031,755Llewelyn, KimOklahoma CityOKMoore09/29/2014
Under Contract
1501 Redman Dr
3.5 Acres
$185,00031,456Campbell, AndyNewcastleOKNewcastle09/29/2014638
3025 Summit Hill Rd $199,90032,019Foster, ScottNormanOKWash/Irving/NHS09/26/2014
Under Contract
8416 Woodbend Dr
Rare find oversized 3car garage at this price
31,893Kerr Real Estate Team, WallyOklahoma CityOKMoore09/25/20141,023
17008 Madrid Circle $196,11631,600Wilson, SummerOklahoma CityOKMoore09/25/2014922
17017 Madrid Circle $208,61531,800Wilson, SummerOklahoma CityOKMoore09/25/2014
Under Contract
13825 Korbyn Dr $254,00062,640Laird, JennaYukonOKPiedmont09/25/2014684
13404 Tamarack Place
1 Acre
$209,00031,855Rushing, PamChoctawOKChoctaw/Nicoma Park09/25/20141,073
9912 Fox Fair Hollow (Auction Thurs Oct 9th at 6p)
5% down 30 days to close 10% buyers premium
Open House: Sept 27th & Oct 4th 10a-3
Call31,701Dakil, LouisMidwest CityOKMid Del09/25/20141,174
212 Midway $219,90042,092Johnson GRI, VanessaNormanOKTruman/NNHS09/25/20141,469
1100 Fountain Gate Ct $239,90032,202Miller, JudyNormanOKTruman/Whit/NHS09/25/20141,533
3101 Grant Rd $158,00031,456Morren, SteveNormanOKEisn/NNHS09/25/20141,028
4100 SE 14th Place $97,50041,404Brand, RichDel cityOKMid Del09/24/2014610
3020 Cruden Dr $212,50031,923Bev Lafferrandre, Karen McIntoNormanOKRoosevelt/NNHS09/24/20141,321
5460 Hart Ln (Auction Thurs Oct 9th at 6pm)
5% down 30 days to close 10% buyers premium
Open House: Sept 27th & Oct 4th 10a-3
Call31,440Dakil, LouisChoctawOKJones09/24/2014994
4104 Colchester Ct $249,00042,217Bowline, DarleneNormanOKTruman/NNHS09/24/20141,579
1719 Wheaton $196,00032,314Bozarth, JudiNormanOKNorman09/24/20141,124
3008 Misty Ridge Dr $215,00042,360Andy Newman, Tony Graham &NormanOKWashington/NHS09/23/2014
Under Contract
5009 Kennington Ln $445,00043,260Peeler, PaulaOklahoma CityOKMid Del09/23/2014950
1925 Hallbrooke Dr
42,715Wilson, PatNormanOKEisn/NNHS09/23/20141,596
2031 E Robinson St $179,90032,332Kerr Real Estate Team, WallyNormanOKNorman09/23/20141,202
2736 SW 45th St $67,500
31,101Ross, Kara & DavidOklahoma CityOKOklahoma City09/23/2014753
222 S Mercedes $138,00031,545Veal, TraceyNormanOKJackson/NHS09/23/20141,177
116 SW 14th St $159,00053,526York, JanetMooreOKMoore09/23/20142,470
13125 SE 89th St (Auction Thurs Oct 9th at 6pm)
5% down 30 days to close 10% buyers premium
Open House: Sept 27th & Oct 4th 10a-3
Call31,104Dakil, LouisOklahoma CityOKOKC09/23/2014795
3900 E Robinson
20 Acres
$949,90053,977Regnier, JoelNormanOKNorman09/23/20141,528
2806 Wildwood Dr $159,00032,000Agee, SharonPauls valleyOKPauls Valley09/22/2014498
500 N Pine St $240,00022,636Agee, SharonPauls valleyOKPauls Valley09/22/2014564
3212 SW 109th St $354,90043,010McGrew, BrendaOklahoma CityOKMoore09/22/2014828
2509 SW 123rd St $284,90042,590McGrew, BrendaOklahoma CityOKMoore09/22/2014817
3209 Cove Hollow Ct $174,90042,223McGrew, BrendaNormanOKAdams/NNHS09/22/20141,088