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AddressPriceBRsSQ FeetRealtorCitySTSchoolsPosted OnTours
3387 Lake Ellen Dr
1.9 Acres
$1,000,10735,444Clowdus, StephanieNewcastleOKNewcastle11/25/2014200
1017 Trisha Lane $560,00053,774Wasoski, KristenNormanOKTruman/Whit/NNHS11/25/2014246
1821 Creekside Dr $157,90031,704Andy Newman, Tony Graham &NormanOKKennedy/Irving/NHS11/25/2014170
501 Cheltenham $179,00031,796Terrell, Jo Ann & WaltBlanchardOKBlanchard11/25/201487
2191 Sandpiper
1.20 Acres
$287,00032,745Jones, DianeBlanchardOKBlanchard11/25/2014109
4820 Old School House Rd $449,90043,414Dutton, DanChoctawOKChoctaw/Nicoma Park11/25/201486
1849 Sagewood Dr $183,50031,833Woodson, NicoleEdmondOKEdmond11/24/2014201
1206 Beaumont Dr $119,50031,299McLaughlin, Stan and JaymeNormanOKNorman11/24/2014256
5001 Brook Hollow Dr $330,99933,038Mustin, KeithOklahoma CityOKMid Del11/24/2014185
1016 Woods Ave $180,00032,226McLaughlin, Stan and JaymeNormanOKCleveland/Whit/NNHS11/24/2014407
8100 S Turtle Creek Circle
3.65 Acres
$239,50032,385Dunaway, BenjaminNobleOKNoble11/21/2014440
2606 Richardson Dr $116,90031,301Thompson, PamNormanOKWash/Irving/NHS11/21/2014513
2101 Harbor Dr $123,90031,272Taylor, SandyNormanOKReagan/Irving/NHS11/21/2014
Under Contract
620 N Green Ave $127,90042,115Nimsey, ChasityPurcellOKPurcell11/21/2014254
517 Hedgewood Dr $135,00031,246Kehl, MariaMooreOKMoore11/21/2014166
9017 NE 16th St
TINKER Bachelor/bachelorette/retirees/couples
$66,9001787Regnier, JoelOklahoma CityOKOklahoma City11/21/2014318
2004 Oak Forest Dr $129,90031,451Foster, ScottNormanOKEisn/Long/NNHS11/21/2014521
1021 Lairds Woods Circle $436,00043,192Williford, ErinNormanOKWash/Irving/NHS11/20/2014857
5921 SE 86th St $155,00031,846Schroder, PatDel cityOKMoore11/20/2014298
401 E Boyd St No 206 $244,90021,232Davis, KyleNormanOKNorman11/20/2014832
1701 Pinewood Dr
$194,90031,802Hale, MichaelMooreOKMoore11/20/2014636
3921 Glisten $215,00032,430York, JanetNormanOKRoosevelt/Whit/NNHS11/20/2014728
10201 Geronimo Dr
2.02 Acres
$254,00032,091Mitchell, MikeNormanOKLakeview/Long/NNHS11/18/20141,055
2100 Memphis Dr $142,50052,070Kerr Real Estate Team, WallyNormanOKNorman11/18/2014872
10004 Hollyhead Way $145,00031,869Watson, GordonYukonOKMustang11/18/2014548
14739 State Highway 39
10 Acres
$211,90031,690Everson, NancylynnPurcellOKDibble11/18/2014415
1317 Superior Ave $100,00031,364Dunaway, BenjaminNormanOKEisn/NHS11/18/2014716
2805 Jills Trail $199,90042,456Watson, GordonEdmondOKEdmond11/18/2014692
508 Country Lane $177,50042,187Sarah Planer CRS, Susan PlanerMidwest CityOKChoctaw/Nicoma Park11/18/20141,103
301 Treyton Place $199,00032,052Moss, JudyNobleOKNoble11/18/2014510
1704 SW 33rd $169,90031,696Williams, KathyMooreOKMoore11/18/2014694
2613 SE 8th St $210,00031,857Walden, FrancesMooreOKMoore11/18/2014706
4417 Lower Lake Dr $350,00033,434Kerr Real Estate Team, WallyNormanOKJackson/Alcott/NHS11/18/2014927
3707 Hidden Hill Rd $395,00053,270Kerr Real Estate Team, WallyNormanOKTruman/Whit/NNHS11/18/20141,007
700 Buckboard Ln $259,90043,024Willard, Shane & StacyMidwest CityOKChoctaw/Nicoma Park11/18/2014483
10200 Dove Crossing Rd $219,90031,858Willard, Shane & StacyNewallaOKMcLoud11/18/2014210
11413 Burning Oaks Dr
1.02 Acres
$414,90043,870Willard, Shane & StacyOklahoma CityOKMid Del11/18/2014933
4641 Grand Ave $166,30031,585Kalhor, MariahNobleOKNoble11/18/2014159
14300 Thornhill Rd
15 acres!
$1,600,00057,309Llewelyn, KimOklahoma CityOKWestmoore11/18/20141,084
606 W Perry $119,50031,239Anderson, JeffreyMustangOKMustang11/14/2014162
24946 St Hwy 74
3.50 Acres
$244,00031,844Bozarth, JudiWashingtonOKWashington11/14/2014504
3213 NW 188th Terrace $264,80042,056Llewelyn, KimEdmondOKDeer Creek11/14/20141,012
707 W Brooks $269,00031,230McCall, NancyNormanOKMcKin/Whit/NHS11/13/20141,472
13401 Inverness Ave $249,90043,081Watson, GordonOklahoma CityOKEdmond11/13/2014912
7901 Chumley Lane $153,50041,682Kerr Real Estate Team, WallyOklahoma CityOKOklahoma City11/13/2014785
4733 Sundance Ct $579,00064,226Zaicek, JodyNormanOKNorman11/12/2014
Under Contract
5324 NW 45th St
Under Contract in 3 Days!
$107,00031,733Ballinger, LesleyWarr acresOKPutnam City11/12/2014
Under Contract
3036 Pinelake St $123,00021,208Kerr Real Estate Team, WallyNormanOKNorman11/12/2014909
527 Chautauqua Dr $475,00042,963Terrell, Jo Ann & WaltNormanOKMcKin/Alcott/NHS11/12/20141,548
924 N Sherry Ave $199,50031,884Taber, Warren K.NormanOKCleveland/Whit/NNHS11/12/20141,196
2925 NW 45th St $99,00031,179Palmer, LindaOklahoma CityOKOklahoma City11/12/2014736
1204 Prairie Meadow Ln
2.5 Acres
$595,00044,486Armstrong, AndrewTuttleOKTuttle11/11/2014420
304 SW 170th Terrace $247,00042,164Stiles, JoAnneOklahoma CityOKMoore11/11/2014881
2200 SW 69th St $75,00021,216Martinez, TammyOklahoma CityOKOklahoma City11/11/2014712
4310 Noble Dr
0.43 acres / Built 2003
$95,90031,152King, PamDel cityOKMid Del11/11/2014466
1612 Caribou Ct $158,00031,551Stiles, JoAnneNormanOKEisn/Long/NNHS11/11/2014843
2904 Leaning Elm Dr $142,90031,461Miller, RobertNormanOKJefferson/Long/NNHS11/11/2014860
13700 S Luther $109,90031,650Willard, Shane & StacyNewallaOKLittle Axe11/11/2014564
620 Summit Bend
$294,90042,704Willis, SandyNormanOKNorman11/10/20141,545
428 Haloka Ave $399,00043,518Mitchell, MikeGoldsbyOKJackson/Alcott/NHS11/10/2014506
11333 SE 49th St $249,90032,304Duren, DebbieOklahoma CityOKMid Del11/10/2014787
105 S Creekdale Dr $163,90031,822Taylor, SandyNormanOKTruman/Alcott/NHS11/10/2014
Under Contract
1721 Davinbrook
Great West Side Location!
$164,90031,703Kerr Real Estate Team, WallyNormanOKRoosevelt/Norman N.11/10/20141,069
1817 NE 11th St $149,80031,836McBryde, VelvetMooreOKMoore11/10/2014
Under Contract
1019 Thistlewood $169,50031,759Canfield, BarbaraNormanOKNorman11/10/20141,012
3904 Ashton Dr $189,90041,690Kerr Real Estate Team, WallyMooreOKMoore11/10/2014351
2324 Jean Dr $145,00041,990Hubbs, NikiiMidwest CityOKMid Del11/10/2014996
401 12th Ave SE No 159 $43,9002966Bobala, GingerNormanOKNorman11/10/2014824
724 Carolyn Ridge Rd $253,00042,189Morren, SteveNormanOKEisn/Long/NNHS11/07/20141,319
1525 NW 45th St $49,9002885Bentley, SandraOklahoma CityOKOklahoma City11/07/2014
Under Contract
2545 NW 18th St $82,00021,008Bentley, SandraOklahoma CityOKOklahoma City11/07/2014743
3821 Shadowridge Dr $295,00032,813Canfield, BarbaraNormanOKTruman/Alcott/NHS11/07/20141,411
11209 S Miller Ave
PENDING in Less than 5 WEEKS!
$225,00042,473Llewelyn, KimOklahoma CityOKMoore11/07/2014
Under Contract
9413 Nawassa Dr $449,90044,200Gentry, CourtneyMidwest CityOKMWC/DC11/07/20141,010
1312 Lindale Ave $195,00062,588Bentley, SandraNormanOKJackson/Alcott/NHS11/06/20141,421
1117 Bryan Dr
Open House: 11/30/2014 OPEN HOUSE 2-5pm
$205,00041,828Higgins, KendaleMooreOKMoore11/06/20141,167
5917 SE 88th St $146,40041,750Bobala, GingerOklahoma CityOKMoore11/06/2014763
13508 Crystal Brook Circle $269,00032,118Veal, TraceyNormanOKNoble11/06/20141,074
1818 NW 29th St (Auction Thurs Nov 20th at 6pm)
5% down 30 days to close 10% buyers premium
Open House: Sat Nov 8th & 15th 10a-3p
Call64,616Dakil, LouisOklahoma CityOKOklahoma City11/06/20141,002
303 N 5th St $71,9002807Mitchell, MikeNobleOKNoble11/06/2014825
6216 Latham Ct $164,90042,381Griffith, MargaretOklahoma CityOKPutnam City11/04/2014788
4000 Vista Dr $230,59731,945Wilson, SummerMooreOKMoore11/04/20141,090
7701 Deer Meadows Dr $285,00032,277Ivins, BeckyOklahoma CityOKChoctaw/Nicoma Park11/04/2014820
109 Horizon View Ct
Contemporary custom home with a lake view!
$279,50032,589Kerr Real Estate Team, WallyNormanOKWash/Irving/NHS11/04/20141,045
3209 SW 130th Place
Amazing home in gated community!
$329,90043,173Kerr Real Estate Team, WallyOklahoma CityOKMoore11/04/20141,083
30 NE 3rd St (Auction Thurs Nov 20th at 6pm)
5% down 30 days to close 10% buyers premium
Open House: Sat Nov 8th & 15th 10a-3p
Call23,476Dakil, LouisOklahoma CityOKOklahoma City11/04/20141,185
12600 Quartz Place
Amazing Home in Fantastic Neighborhood!
43,100Ballinger, LesleyOklahoma CityOKMoore11/03/20141,244
924 Beaumont Square
Move right in! Great Location!
$124,50031,315Kerr Real Estate Team, WallyNormanOKNorman11/03/20141,338
924 SE 9th St
4.02 Acres
$219,00032,477Goss, BettyArdmoreOKArdmore11/03/2014356
4533 SE 37th St
1.57 Acres
$230,00042,598Bev Lafferrandre, Karen McIntoNormanOKJackson/Alcott/NHS11/03/20141,565
2000 Grassland $149,90031,568McGrew, BrendaNormanOKAdams/Whit/NNHS11/03/2014829
3108 Trails Ct
Across from the Trails Golf Course!
$399,00033,394Bowline, DarleneNormanOKMonroe/Alcott/NHS11/03/2014
Under Contract
325 Lysbeth Ct $540,00054,186Bowline, DarleneWashingtonOKWashington10/31/2014797
1209 S Midwest Blvd $55,0002777King, PamMidwest CityOKMid Del10/31/2014815
1106 Huntington Ave (Auction Thurs Nov 20 at 6pm)
5% down 30 days to close 10% buyers premium
Open House: Sat Nov 8th & 15th 10a-3p
Call32,534Dakil, LouisNichols HillsOKOklahoma City10/31/2014905
1613 Churchill Rd $229,00042,248Kimbrell, PaulaYukonOKYukon10/31/2014855
5661 Tinker Diagonal (Auction Thurs Nov 20 at 6pm)
5% down 30 days to close 10% buyers premium
Open House: Sat Nov 8th & 15th 10a-3p
Call15,511Dakil, LouisMidwest CityOK 10/31/2014947
632 SW 8th St $131,90031,490Foster, ScottMooreOKMoore10/31/20141,042
1000 Shadowlake Rd $119,00031,117Krings, PattiNormanOKNorman10/30/20141,435
809 S Silver Leaf Dr $149,00031,515Woods, CarolMooreOKMoore10/30/20141,055
429 W Polk
$86,30031,600Dunaway, BenjaminPurcellOKPurcell10/30/2014816
3301 NW 60th St $124,900
32,043Watson, GordonOklahoma CityOKPutnam City10/30/2014
Under Contract
10825 Taylor Paige Dr $189,90031,826Hulette, TonuaMidwest CityOKChoctaw/Nicoma Park10/30/2014853
2017 Elmhurst $104,5003981Williford, ErinNormanOKNorman High10/30/2014
Under Contract
2123 Vanessa Dr
Updated home with amazing backyard!
$127,90031,422Kerr Real Estate Team, WallyNormanOKNorman10/29/2014
Under Contract
9208 S McKinley $139,90041,903Liner, SusanOklahoma CityOKWestmoore10/29/20141,108
108 Ridge Lake Blvd
Beautifully maintained with large yard
$189,90031,800Stiles, JoAnneNormanOKNorman10/29/20141,831
14500 S Harvey Ave $176,90031,798Woods, CarolOklahoma CityOKMoore10/29/20141,106
220 Cherry Creek $163,50031,912Saxon, Jackie and TerryNormanOKTruman/Whit/NHS10/29/20141,652
812 Coopers Hawk Dr
Contact Keandra Hearne (405)314-3073
$128,50031,339Hayes, RandyNormanOKMadison/NHS10/29/20141,303
12080 84th St $249,90032,276Foster, ScottLexingtonOKLexington10/28/2014580
6421 Bentley Dr $223,99932,024Ronck, Doug & LindaOklahoma CityOKMustang10/27/20141,156
1304 Lexi Lane
Custom built with tons of upgrades!
Open House: 11/30/2014 2-4pm
$179,00031,942Kerr Real Estate Team, WallyNobleOKNoble10/27/20141,037
3639 NE Deerbrook Circle $489,90044,200Hyde, Ted & SylviaPiedmontOKPiedmont10/27/2014629
1713 SW 31st St $179,90031,981Forney, Jack & KeestyMooreOKSouthmoore10/27/2014
Under Contract
3317 Staghorn Dr
1 Acre
$264,90032,291Schleeper, HeatherBlanchardOKBlanchard10/27/20141,420