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AddressPriceBRsSQ FeetRealtorCitySTSchoolsPosted OnTours
13901 Korbyn Dr $199,90032,167Higgins, NikiYukonOKPiedmont03/27/201565
325 Victory Ct $189,90031,973McKenzie, ChrisNormanOKNorman03/27/2015161
4313 Middlefield Ct $474,90043,914Foster, ScottNormanOKTruman/Whit/NNHS03/27/2015153
9912 Fox Fair Hollow (Auction April 16th at 6pm)
5% down 30 days to close 10% buyers premium
Open House: Sat April 4 & 11th 10a-3p
Call31,701Dakil, LouisMidwest CityOKMid Del03/27/201546
4200 SE 24th St (Auction Thurs April 16th at 6pm)
5% down 30 days to close 10% buyers premium
Open House: Sat April 4 & 11th 10a-3p
Call21,000Dakil, LouisOklahoma CityOKOklahoma City03/27/201549
11901 NE 50th St (Auction Thurs April 16th at 6pm)
5% down 30 days to close 10% buyers premium
Open House: Sat April 4 & 11th 10a-3p
Call2682Dakil, LouisSpencerOKSpencer03/27/201521
1514 E Savannah Circle $277,50042,609Wampler, LoriNobleOKNoble03/27/201531
3816 Dove Ave $179,90032,097Watson, GordonHarrahOKHarrah03/26/201599
3413 Brookford Ct $499,00033,992Marriott, RobertNormanOKTruman/Whit/NNHS03/26/2015340
1920 Logan Dr $265,00043,386Kerr Real Estate Team, WallyNormanOKNorman03/26/2015325
1118 Jacob Dr $238,00042,104Stiles, JoAnneMooreOKMoore03/26/2015157
425 E 4th St (Auction Thurs April 16th at 6pm)
5% down 30 days to close 10% buyers premium
Open House: Sat April 4 & 11th 10a-3p
Call31,440Dakil, LouisEdmondOKEdmond03/26/2015139
1403 Oxford Way (Auction Thurs April 16th at 6p)
5% down 30 days to close 10% buyers premium
Open House: Sat April 4 & 11th 10a-3p
Call31,230Dakil, LouisOklahoma CityOKOklahoma City03/26/2015124
15921 Korie Dr $165,00031,591Chaves, AquilinoEdmondOKEdmond03/26/201550
8611 NW 234th St $210,00042,221Chaves, AquilinoEdmondOKDeer Creek03/26/201597
3104 Langley Dr $279,50042,343Kerr Real Estate Team, WallyNormanOKMad/Irv/NHS03/26/2015165
1725 Schooner Dr $257,00042,680Kerr Real Estate Team, WallyNormanOKAdams/Whittier/NNHS03/26/2015271
5404 Meadowlake Dr $158,90031,387Bobala, GingerGuthrieOKGuthrie03/26/201543
121 Deer Creek Rd $279,00052,721Dunn, DennisEdmondOKDeer Creek03/25/2015204
3008 Elmo Way $220,00041,894Kerr Real Estate Team, WallyMooreOKMoore03/25/2015276
8828 N May Ave $244,90021,875Whilden, KaraOklahoma CityOKOklahoma City03/25/2015240
1701 Eagle Nest $142,90031,450Vawter, SallieNormanOKJefferson/Long/NNHS03/25/2015333
4712 Kensal Rise Place
Open House: 03/29/2015 Sunday 2p-4p
$649,00044,069Bev Lafferrandre, Karen McIntoNormanOKRoosevelt/Whit/NNHS03/25/2015526
12216 S Land Ave
$168,00041,921Llewelyn, KimOklahoma CityOKMoore03/24/2015409
383 Canterbury Rd $270,00032,591Hubbs, NikiiMidwest CityOKChoctaw/Nicoma Park03/24/2015398
125 SW 5th St $98,90031,300Shannon, CindyMooreOKMoore03/24/2015306
3401 Crystal Springs Dr
Home on 2 acres in NW Norman!
$449,00053,431Bowline, DarleneNormanOKMoore03/23/2015733
16737 E Reno Ave $148,00042,280Llewelyn, KimChoctawOKChoctaw/Nicoma Park03/23/2015401
320 SW 99th St $195,00042,200Gilmartin Smith, GingerOklahoma CityOKMoore03/23/2015511
3713 Windover Dr
Beautiful home w/ a pool!
$319,90042,687Kerr Real Estate Team, WallyNormanOKCleveland/Whit/NNHS03/20/20151,180
919 N 6th St $94,50031,008Moss, JudyPurcellOKPurcell03/20/2015306
1624 SW 66th $86,00021,151Kimbrell, PaulaOklahoma CityOKOklahoma City03/20/2015520
209 Howard Dr
Open House: 03/29/2015 OPEN HOUSE SUN 2-4
$129,00042,025Kimbrell, PaulaDel cityOKMid Del03/20/2015336
1804 Waltz Way $71,9003916Bennett, PhyllisMidwest CityOKMid Del03/20/2015387
13809 Kysela St
Open House: 03/29/2015 Sunday 2p-4p
$220,00042,189Armstrong, AndrewOklahoma CityOKMoore03/20/2015310
3614 River Oaks Dr $158,00031,512White, KathiNormanOKNorman03/20/2015770
1523 Farmington Ave $91,5002851Gilmartin Smith, GingerNormanOKMonroe/Alcott/NHS03/20/2015677
808 Elm Ave $315,00031,800Veal, TraceyNormanOKMcKin/Alcott/NHS03/19/20151,050
5908 SE 148th St $349,90052,400Fulkerson, SherriOklahoma CityOKMoore03/19/2015667
4305 SE 41st St $234,90041,932Davis Real Estate Experts, KylNormanOKNorman03/18/2015835
3212 Riverwalk Dr $359,90042,965Davis Real Estate Experts, KylNormanOKNorman03/18/20151,204
10101 Pathway St
5 Acres
$295,00032,103Davis Real Estate Experts, KylOklahoma CityOKMoore03/18/2015853
2324 NW 155th St $275,00042,780Ivins, BeckyEdmondOKEdmond03/18/2015625
12633 Smithfield Ln $198,90031,828Clowdus, StephanieOklahoma CityOKMoore03/18/2015719
1745 W David Dr $199,00042,094Watson, GordonMustangOKMustang03/18/2015387
11020 SW 7th Circle $169,90031,674Woodward, BrianYukonOKMustang03/18/2015244
1509 SW 38th St
1.02 Acres
$347,50032,895Lindley, B CarolMooreOKMoore03/18/2015834
3021 Oakridge Dr $103,00031,337Watson, GordonBethanyOKPutnam City03/18/2015258
629 Park Dr $155,00031,996Ralstin, CareyYukonOKYukon03/18/2015253
2501 Caribou Ct $239,40742,500Darr, PeggyNormanOKEisn/Long/NNHS03/18/2015460
13108 NW 1st St $238,90032,026Petrone, AaronYukonOKYukon03/18/2015214
12806 Glen Aeire Rd $360,00033,017Duren, DebbieChoctawOKChoctaw/Nicoma Park03/17/2015768
13705 Cascata Strada $595,00043,711Whittington Group, TheOklahoma CityOKMoore03/17/2015788
14700 Thornhill Dr
5 Acres
$450,00032,580Whittington Group, TheOklahoma CityOKMoore03/17/2015714
1001 Brookside Dr $295,00032,091Bergman & Frank Nees, DougNormanOKNorman03/17/2015997
2802 Devonshire Dr $152,00031,629McLaughlin, Stan and JaymeNormanOKNorman03/17/2015863
9401 S Harrah Rd
5.01 Acres
$119,90031,469Hubbs, NikiiNewallaOKMcLoud03/17/2015474
11611 Tyson Ct $140,00031,562Hubbs, NikiiMidwest CityOKChoctaw/Nicoma Park03/17/2015592
113 Bryan Dr
PENDING in 4 Days!!
$133,00031,448Llewelyn, KimEdmondOKEdmond03/16/2015
Under Contract
9737 Oak Tree Terrace $114,90031,632Atkinson, BethMidwest CityOKMid Del03/16/2015558
3809 Wellington Pl $215,00032,146Buckley, MarshaNormanOKNormanNorth03/16/2015996
2624 SE 9th Circle
Open House: 03/29/2015 Sunday 2p-4p
$192,50031,817Robertson, ArnoldMooreOKMoore03/16/2015825
16701 Little Leaf Lane $679,90033,894Seeley, RebeccaEdmondOKEdmond03/16/2015303
3104 Creekwood Ct
Immaculate west side home with loft/sunroom
$174,90031,873Taber, Warren K.NormanOKCleveland/Whit/NNHS03/16/20151,269
407 Forest Dr $167,90031,636Veal, TraceyNormanOKCleveland/Whit/NNHS03/16/2015
Under Contract
11216 Sturbridge Rd $299,90032,623Haneborg, SteveOklahoma CityOKPiedmont03/13/2015720
6101 S Maricle Way $180,00031,485Campbell, AndyOklahoma CityOKMoore03/13/2015666
1000 Bentbrook Place $425,00032,928Buckley, MarshaNormanOKTruman/Whit/NNHS03/13/20151,127
9117 NW 87th St $225,00032,508Watson, GordonYukonOKYukon03/13/2015328
2123 Saddleback $250,00042,458Higgins, KendaleNormanOKNorman03/13/20151,248
1410 Tara Dr $198,90042,009Kerr Real Estate Team, WallyMooreOKMoore03/13/20151,077
8025 NE 28th St $84,90031,586Atkinson, BethSpencerOKOklahoma City03/13/2015203
2205 Meridian Dr $99,50031,276Veal, TraceyNormanOKKennedy/Irving/NHS03/13/2015
Under Contract
1918 Oakhollow Dr $111,00031,225Veal, TraceyNormanOKReagan/Irving/NHS03/13/2015
Under Contract
5800 Rosebay Ct $849,50043,517Haneborg, SteveOklahoma CityOKDeer Creek03/13/2015796
1332 NE 56th St $259,00013,860Cheatham, AnitaOklahoma CityOKMillwood03/13/2015657
4100 Wyckham Place
Open House: 03/29/2015 2-3pm
$479,50054,251Kerr Real Estate Team, WallyNormanOKCleveland/Whit/NNHS03/13/2015900
3701 E Cedar Ln
10 acres and home so close in!
$464,00043,428Bowline, DarleneNobleOKNoble03/13/2015704
1332 W Boyd St $129,50031,297Taber, Warren K.NormanOKJackson/Alcott/NHS03/13/2015933
1213 Three Oaks Circle $179,90032,006DeLonais, BobbieMidwest CityOKMid Del03/12/2015
Under Contract
13101 NW 1st St $239,90031,927Dunn, DennisYukonOKYukon03/12/2015318
5917 SE 69th St $139,90031,555Kerr Real Estate Team, WallyOklahoma CityOKMid Del03/12/2015621
2300 Bretford Way $259,40041,925Mack, ThomasNormanOKNorman03/11/2015649
2336 Bretford Way $285,72832,141Mack, ThomasNormanOKNorman03/11/2015691
4013 Sam Gordon Dr $375,00043,383Kerr Real Estate Team, WallyNormanOKTruman/Whit/NNHS03/11/20151,234
117 SW 10th St $102,50031,185Crossland, AimeeMooreOKMoore03/11/20151,110
4110 Penrith Place $349,90042,846Vawter, SallieNormanOKNorman03/11/20151,023
5800 SE 145th St $289,90042,436Hooper, MelissaOklahoma CityOKMoore03/11/20151,296
12412 Gaylon Circle
Fantastic Home with all the Extras!!!!
$228,00032,286Llewelyn, KimOklahoma CityOKMoore03/11/2015781
536 SW 53rd St
Absolutely Adorable Updated Home!!
$73,0003982Llewelyn, KimOklahoma CityOKOklahoma City03/11/2015629
1401 Pecan Ave $158,00031,823Veal, TraceyNormanOKMonroe/Alcott/NHS03/11/2015888
708 Dusty Trail $219,60031,961Payne-Field, RebeccaYukonOKYukon03/11/2015290
11901 Dalton Dr $194,90042,004Shannon, CindyOklahoma CityOKPutnam City North03/11/2015
Under Contract
609 Allison Ln $179,90031,636Grissom, SharonMooreOKMoore03/11/2015288
1308 Briar Patch Way $95,0002952Stiles, JoAnneNormanOKReagan/Irving/NHS03/11/2015
Under Contract
516 Chautauqua Ave $995,00054,449Hall, CarolNormanOKMcKin/Alcott/NHS03/11/20151,495
5801 SE 142nd St $370,00043,412Koenig, SethOklahoma CityOKMoore03/10/2015737
680 N Indian Meridian
3 Acres
$361,50032,668Sarah Planer CRS, Susan PlanerChoctawOKChoctaw/Nicoma Park03/10/2015791
506 S Lahoma Ave $482,40043,495Team, The UB HomeNormanOKMcK/Alc/NHS03/10/2015
Under Contract
17560 White Oak $289,00042,948Moore, SueChoctawOKChoctaw/Nicoma Park03/10/2015694
3009 Skye Ridge Dr $319,90032,528Vawter, SallieNormanOKNorman03/10/2015762
3213 St Clair Dr $495,00022,752Andre, AmeliaNormanOKTruman/Whit/NNHS03/10/2015806
428 W Johnson St
Newly remodeled on corner lot
31,056Taber, Warren K.NormanOKAdams/Whit/NNHS03/10/2015891
2200 Classen Blvd No 5121 $119,50041,482Darr, PeggyNormanOKNorman03/10/2015384
3402 Pheasant Run Rd $249,90043,100Andy Newman, Tony Graham &NormanOKAdams/NNHS03/09/20151,107
709 Coopers Hawk $123,50031,225Vawter, SallieNormanOKNorman03/09/2015
Under Contract
349 Bailey Dr $187,76031,773Saxon, Jackie and TerryBlanchardOKBlanchard03/09/20151,023
8512 NW 111th St $232,00042,137Ivins, BeckyOklahoma CityOKPiedmont03/09/2015620
874 Belmar Circle $749,90055,070Vawter, SallieNormanOKMoore03/09/20151,069
17220 E Coffee Creek Rd
6.5 acres mol Horse Farm
$239,00021,669DeSpain, DianaLutherOKLuther03/09/2015243
1104 Hunting Horse Trail $124,50031,260Buckley, MarshaNormanOKEisn/Long/NNHS03/09/2015793
332 Buttermilk Cloud Ridge
Walk Out Basement - Pool !
$516,00045,317Moore, Sharon & ShaunaChoctawOKChoctaw/Nicoma Park03/09/2015548
20129 208th St $274,80032,677Kerr Real Estate Team, WallyPurcellOKWashington03/06/2015651
2300 Westwood Dr $235,00042,406Morren, SteveNormanOKNormanNorth03/06/20151,667
10609 NW 40th Terrace $192,50032,071Watson, GordonYukonOKYukon03/06/2015429
8901 Halbrook Manor Lane $289,90032,403Watson, ChaleyOklahoma CityOKMoore03/06/2015904
2807 Castlewood Dr $272,90032,275Manchester, MikeNormanOKNorman High03/05/20151,379
2721 Glen Oaks Dr $180,00031,858Morren, SteveNormanOKNorman03/04/20151,166
14721 S Broadway $199,50031,780Kerr Real Estate Team, WallyOklahoma CityOKMoore03/04/2015848
13624 S Brookline Ave $270,00032,341Ross, Kara & DavidOklahoma CityOKSouthmoore03/04/2015994
2905 Evening Star $205,00041,971Krings, PattiNormanOKWash/Irving/NHS03/03/20151,249
8204 Driftwood
2.14 Acres
$139,90031,307Krings, PattiNormanOKLakeview/Long/NNHS03/03/20151,520
3510 Cox St $139,90031,632Watson, GordonChoctawOKChoctaw/Nicoma Park03/03/20151,044
3305 Del View Dr
Open House: Refreshments Served!
31,663Weaver, SonyaDel cityOKMid Del03/03/2015496
5616 Cloverlawn Dr
Back on Market! Gorgeous UPDATED Home!
$152,50031,845Llewelyn, KimOklahoma CityOKMid Del03/03/2015792
809 Golden Eagle Dr
PENDING In 4 Days!!
$130,00031,519Llewelyn, KimNormanOKMonroe/Alcott/NHS03/03/2015
Under Contract
7050 E Rock Creek Rd
5 Acres
$130,00031,833Kehl, MariaNormanOKWash/Long/NNHS03/03/20151,454
11300 S Shartel Ave
Sprawling home on private lake with dock!
$359,00032,785Taber, Warren K.Oklahoma CityOKRed Oak/Brink/WMoore03/03/20151,027
6485 Deer Run
1 acre
33,169Blasingame, KittieJonesOKJones03/02/2015529
2509 SW 123rd St $284,90042,590McGrew, BrendaOklahoma CityOKMoore03/02/2015749
716 Shadowlake Rd
Under Contract in 7 days!
$159,90031,550Blevins, SamNormanOKEisn/Longfellow/NNHS03/02/2015
Under Contract
2236 SW 96th St
Fantastic Location!! Moore schools!!
$215,00042,269Cooper, SandraOklahoma CityOKMoore03/02/20153,274
1500 W Elm St
17 Acres! Rare find of great value!
$599,00034,719Regnier, JoelStroudOKStroud03/02/2015542
2613 SW 140th St
Very Spacious With Upstairs Bonus Room!
52,866Ross, Kara & DavidOklahoma CityOKMoore02/27/20151,427
9108 NW 92nd Terrace
31,867Llewelyn, KimYukonOKYukon02/27/2015
Under Contract
220 Summit Bend $199,90031,838Petrone, AaronNormanOKNorman02/27/20151,396
1373 CS 2968 $254,90032,066Taylor, PamelaBlanchardOKBridge Creek02/27/20151,139
404 Spring Creek Rd $150,00031,588Peeler, PaulaOklahoma CityOKMid Del02/26/20151,002
4800 SE 20th $64,9003981Sarah Planer CRS, Susan PlanerDel cityOKMid Del02/26/2015551
320 Treyton Place $182,50031,943Foster, ScottNobleOKNoble02/26/2015
Under Contract