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AddressPriceBRsSQ FeetRealtorCitySTSchoolsPosted OnTours
16001 Villa Valeria $252,90041,976Whitnah CRS - GRIĀ , CheriEdmondOKEdmond12/09/2017115
4400 SE 37th $251,90042,064Whitnah CRS - GRIĀ , CheriNormanOKNorman12/09/2017251
3824 Canonbury Rd $364,90042,509Davis Real Estate Experts, KylNormanOKRoos/Whittier/NNHS12/08/2017370
3113 SW 126th St $217,80042,406Brand, RichOklahoma CityOKOklahoma City12/08/2017129
2504 Linden Ave $164,90042,000Taber, CRS, GRI, Warren K.NormanOKMon/Alcott/NHS12/08/2017236
2708 Ashe Brooke Pl $315,00043,064Brown, JTEdmondOKEdmond12/08/2017139
2412 SW 78th St $125,00031,297Brand, RichOklahoma CityOKOklahoma City12/08/2017107
2810 Country Club Dr $299,90043,796Howell, MarlaChickashaOKChickasha12/07/2017159
13132 Chinkapin Oak Pl $250,00032,304Heintzelman, RandyChoctawOKChoctaw12/07/2017200
229 Deerhurst $224,95042,078Waldenville, Bryan & ZanNormanOKTruman/Whittier/NNHS12/07/2017243
13601 Portofino Strada $448,00043,653Nossaman, LarryOklahoma CityOKOklahoma City12/06/2017234
1004 Trisha Ln $399,95042,580Saxon, Jackie and TerryNormanOKTruman/Whittier/NNHS12/06/2017406
2333 W Beaver Point $355,00042,664Saxon, Jackie and TerryMustangOKMustang12/06/2017810
2708 Knox Dr
$85,00031,500Jordan, PattyDel cityOKMidwest/ Del City12/06/2017
Under Contract
2130 Jackson Dr $135,00031,365Talley, LisaNormanOKWash/Irving/NNHS12/06/2017211
County Rd 1380
Includes 205 Acres!
$861,00011Reed, TeriChickashaOK 12/06/2017120
1806 Iowa St $179,50042,154Waldenville, Bryan & ZanNormanOKClev/Whittier/NNHS12/05/2017367
11737 Blue Moon Ave $179,90032,498Davis Real Estate Experts, KylOklahoma CityOKPiedmont12/05/2017213
2129 Parkview Dr $92,0002939Moss, JudyMooreOKMoore12/05/2017220
1923 Wilmington Ct $134,50031,395Williams, SteveNormanOKNorman12/05/2017225
4216 Valley Vista $359,50042,903Waldenville, Bryan & ZanNormanOKClev/Whittier/NNHS12/04/2017611
23256 277th St
Includes 1.100 Acres!
$164,90031,508Erhardt, Jan & TerryWashingtonOKWashington12/04/2017221
2629 NW 186th St $176,90031,381Morren, SteveEdmondOKEdmond12/04/2017167
301 S Cook Ave $139,50031,344Wolever, RJNormanOKNorman12/04/2017273
720 N Stewart Ave $109,90041,271Davis Real Estate Experts, KylNormanOKJeff/Longfellow/NNHS12/04/2017259
1612 NW 19th St $129,90021,780White, LaNellOklahoma CityOKOklahoma City12/02/2017
Under Contract
4040 NW 15th $129,90031,585Davis Real Estate Experts, KylOklahoma CityOKOklahoma City12/01/2017212
11004 Ione Dr $150,00031,316Davis Real Estate Experts, KylChoctawOKChoctaw/ Nicoma Park12/01/2017256
819 Cardinal Creek Blvd $87,00021,047Kerr Real Estate Team, WallyNormanOKNorman11/30/2017388
501 Perth Ct $339,90042,501Waldenville, Bryan & ZanNormanOKAdams/Whitt/NNHS11/30/2017484
9109 Spring Creek Dr $204,90032,213Heintzelman, RandyMidwest CityOKMidwest City11/29/2017208
2708 Creekview Pl $134,50031,402Kerr Real Estate Team, WallyNormanOKNorman11/28/2017356
3815 Newburg $375,00043,186Hulette, TonuaChoctawOKChoctaw/Nicoma Park11/28/2017373
16124 Ledge Lane $249,90032,276Wehling, MichelleEdmondOKDeer Creek11/28/2017431
4308 Huntleigh Ct $193,50031,741Sasnett, CarolNormanOKNorman11/22/2017
Under Contract
274 Murray Dr $244,00042,085Team, The PlanerChoctawOKChoctaw11/22/2017478
21051 N May Ave(Auction Thurs Dec 14th at 6pm)
Open Houses: SAT Dec 2nd & 9th 10-3pm
Call44,795Dakil, LouisEdmondOK 11/22/20171,093
3524 SE 95th St $170,00031,521Brewer, LindaOklahoma CityOKMoore11/22/2017391
3003 River Oaks Dr Unit 111 $89,9502896Richards, AngelaNormanOKNorman11/22/2017510
3035 NE 6th St
Includes 2.95 Acres!
$484,90043,464Jones, DianeBlanchardOKBlanchard11/22/2017553
1209 Erie Ave $99,0003938Moss, JudyNormanOKEisen/Long/NNHS11/22/2017519
1641 Queenstown Rd(Auction Thurs Dec 14th at 6pm)
Open Houses: SAT Dec 2nd & 9th 10-3pm
Call64,660Dakil, LouisOklahoma CityOK 11/21/2017972
6405 Ellen Lane(Auction Thurs Dec 14th at 6pm)
Open Houses: SAT Dec 2nd & 9th 10-3pm
Call43,417Dakil, LouisOklahoma CityOK 11/21/2017558
238 SE 52nd St(Auction Thurs Dec 14th at 6pm)
Open Houses: SAT Dec 2nd & 9th 10-3pm
Call21,056Dakil, LouisOklahoma CityOK 11/21/2017497
222 Oliphant $269,000
32,816Canfield, BarbaraNormanOKNorman11/21/2017717
1725 E Lindsey St Unit 1 $59,90021,101Schwenn, SethNormanOKKennedy/Irving/NHS11/21/2017403
7005 N Lake Front Dr $225,00053,326Higgins, NikiWarr acresOKPutnam City11/21/2017316
11510 S Anderson Rd $94,50042,475Veal, TraceyOklahoma CityOKMidwest/Del City11/20/2017487
2008 Brookhaven Blvd $599,00044,320McCall, NancyNormanOKCleveland/Whit/NNHS11/18/2017969
15945 209th St $143,90031,327Taylor, PamelaPurcellOKDibble11/17/2017406
3712 Quail Dr $280,00032,773Moss, JudyNormanOKTruman/Whittier/NNHS11/17/2017812
224 Midway $146,95031,526Waldenville, Bryan & ZanNormanOKTrum/Whittier/NNHS11/17/2017685
736 Highland Parkway $82,500
3916Andy Newman, Tony Graham &NormanOKAdams/Whit/NNHS11/17/2017500
201 Park Place
Realtor's personal home!
$88,90021,262Hubbart, Kathy & AmberMidwest CityOKMidwest/ Del City11/16/2017571
1306 Columbia Cir $97,50031,084Richards, AngelaNormanOKNorman11/16/2017590
9216 Southlake Dr $142,00031,704Kerr Real Estate Team, WallyOklahoma CityOKMoore11/15/2017552
2208 Alameda Park $176,50031,465Krings, PattiNormanOKWash/Irving/NHS11/15/2017467
824 24th Ave NW
For Lease!
$4,64413,096Llewelyn, KimNormanOK 11/15/2017652
901 Blue Fish $184,95031,534Waldenville, Bryan & ZanNormanOKAdams/Whitt/ NNHS11/15/2017518
750 Glenhaven Villas Ct $165,00021,520Kimbrell, PaulaOklahoma CityOKOklahoma City11/15/2017
Under Contract
2609 Deer Chase Dr $174,90031,824Zaicek, JodyNormanOKNorman11/14/2017642
11300 S Rockwell Ave
TRULY MAGNIFICENT 77 Acres (MOL) Property!!!
$1,650,00043,178Llewelyn, KimOklahoma CityOKMoore11/13/20171,276