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AddressPriceBRsSQ FeetRealtorCitySTSchoolsPosted OnTours
838 Beaumont Sq $125,00031,240Kerr Real Estate Team, WallyNormanOKNorman10/17/201750
3800 Havenbrook $174,90031,700Taylor, SandyNormanOKClev/Whittier/NNHS10/17/2017223
2112 Williams Cir $554,00053,973Williford, ErinNormanOKEisen/Long/NNHS10/17/2017113
311 S Main Street $143,90042,117Brand, RichBlanchardOKBlanchard10/17/201771
1312 SW 60th $99,85031,098Kerr Real Estate Team, WallyOklahoma CityOKOklahoma City10/17/201739
13 Pentree St $149,90031,658Brand, RichOklahoma CityOKOklahoma City10/17/201754
2001 Fox Ave $179,90042,368Brand, RichMooreOKMoore10/17/201732
3101 S Madole Blvd $99,4903925Brand, RichOklahoma CityOKWestern Heights10/17/201757
2531 McGee Dr $520,00044,048Davis Real Estate Experts, KylNormanOKMonroe/Alcott/NHS10/17/2017166
225 Telstar $128,90031,580Taylor, SandyNormanOKWilson/Long/NNHS10/17/201747
8433 NW 141st Cir $199,90031,665Kimbrell, PaulaOklahoma CityOKOklahoma CitySOLD5
2124 Meench Dr $125,00031,281Miller, ShawnaMooreOKMoore10/16/2017178
1709 SE 15th St $154,90031,704Reynolds, DanMooreOKMoore10/16/201796
5104 Ladbrook Street $199,90031,782Thompson, PamNormanOKTruman/Whittier/NNHS10/16/2017202
1141 W Griggs Way
$9953912Lewis, SueMustangOKMustang10/16/201784
3918 Northridge Rd $259,90032,859Kerr Real Estate Team, WallyNormanOKClev/Whittier/NNHS10/16/2017330
301 NE 4th Unit 3 $217,5001880Jay, PaulaOklahoma CityOKOklahoma City10/16/2017115
5904 SE 70th $155,00031,668Team, The PlanerOklahoma CityOKOklahoma City10/16/201799
4712 Burkshire Terr $154,00031,603Chitwood, RonnaNormanOKNorman10/13/2017335
8700 SW 66th Pl $244,90032,052Jay, PaulaOklahoma CityOKMustang10/13/2017147
2805 SE 47th St(Auction Thurs Oct 26 at 6PM)
Open Houses: SAT Oct 14 & 21 from 10-3
Call31,297Dakil, LouisOklahoma CityOK 10/12/2017240
3003 River Oaks Dr Unit 226 $68,0001735Veal, TraceyNormanOKTruman/Whittier/NNHS10/12/2017280
3417 Old Georgetowne(Auction Thurs Oct 26 at 6PM)
Open Houses: SAT Oct 14 & 21 from 10-3
Call22,028Dakil, LouisEdmondOK 10/12/2017296
1202 Garden Grove Rd (Auction Thurs Oct 26 at 6PM)
Open Houses: SAT Oct 14 & 21 from 10-3
Call31,331Dakil, LouisYukonOK 10/12/2017358
800 Imhoff $265,00032,532Veal, TraceyNormanOKMckinley/Alcott/NHS10/12/2017476
9109 Spring Creek Dr $214,90032,213Heintzelman, RandyMidwest CityOKMidwest City10/11/2017290
116 Burk Way $94,90031,442Hafer USN ret, BobDel cityOKMWC/ Del City10/11/2017289
3804 Irvine Dr $219,90031,909Andy Newman, Tony Graham &NormanOKRoos/Whittier/NNHS10/11/20171,740
720 Lakeside Dr $179,90041,809Windle, KimNobleOKNoble10/11/2017282
16224 Royal Crest Ln $450,00044,130Haralson, StaceyEdmondOKEdmond10/11/2017254
3708 Presidio $223,80041,865Davis Real Estate Experts, KylNormanOKNorman10/10/2017419
906 Michigan Ave(Auction Thurs Oct 26 at 6PM)
Open Houses: SAT Oct 14 & 21 from 10-3
Call31,539Dakil, LouisChickashaOK 10/10/2017383
99 Fields Rd
Includes 5 Acres!
$429,50042,900AgeeĀ®, SharonPauls valleyOKPauls Valley10/10/2017279
15200 Hickory Rd
Includes 5 Acres!
$135,00042,016Perry, RickNewallaOKLittle Axe10/10/2017261
16455 Scotland Way(Auction Thurs Oct 26th at 6pm)
Open Houses: SAT Oct 14 & 21 from 10-3
$749,00044,500Dakil, LouisEdmondOK 10/09/2017580
111 Moran Rd
Includes 5 Acres!
$99,60031,380Miller, ShawnaMcloudOKMcLoud10/09/2017215
9121 Conners Way
Includes 1.01 Acres!
$249,90032,028Morren, SteveMcloudOKMcLoud10/09/2017205
821 SW 154th St $198,00042,302Kimbrell, PaulaOklahoma CityOKOklahoma City10/09/2017245
1412 Luke Lane $230,40041,920Davis Real Estate Experts, KylNormanOKNorman10/09/2017397
1900 Bradford Cir $155,00031,548Jones, DianeNewcastleOKNewcastle10/09/2017217
1101 Hearthstone
Open House: 10/22/2017 2:00-4:00
$339,50042,603Waldenville, Bryan & ZanNormanOKTruman/Whittier/NNHS10/09/2017428
4024 Gloucester Ln $359,90043,192Vawter, SallieNormanOKTruman/Whittier/NNHS10/06/2017810
2921 San Juan Trail $186,70031,644Hix, ShureeMooreOKMoore10/06/20171,368
1474 CS 2960
Includes 2.5 Acres!
$167,90031,565Everson, NancylynnBlanchardOKBlanchard10/04/2017786
5519 NW 128th St $219,00021,528Wienstroer, LanaOklahoma CityOKOklahoma City10/04/2017517
3826 Lynnbrook Cir $250,00022,568Moody, TiffanieNormanOKNorman10/04/20171,096
316 Towry $268,50042,554Canfield, BarbaraNormanOKNorman10/04/2017597
1004 NW 49th $199,00021,446Davis Real Estate Experts, KylOklahoma CityOKOklahoma City10/04/2017421
2200 Classen Blvd Unit 5122 $124,90041,482Davis Real Estate Experts, KylNormanOKMadison/Irving/NHS10/04/2017440
28523 Pennsylvania Ave
Includes 40 Acres!
$500,00011Hurley, BarryWashingtonOK 10/04/2017419
3105 Lochinver Dr $299,00032,225Hawley, Mike & DavidNormanOKNorman10/04/2017566
2928 Coach Ct $159,90031,642Kerr Real Estate Team, WallyNormanOKNorman10/03/2017566
3224 SW 103rd St $155,00031,769Kerr Real Estate Team, WallyOklahoma CityOKOklahoma City10/03/2017382
2445 SW 30th St $110,00031,325Davis Real Estate Experts, KylOklahoma CityOKStand/Roos/Capital10/03/2017334
2916 Leaning Elm Dr $155,00031,571Davis Real Estate Experts, KylNormanOKJeff/Longfellow/NNHS10/03/2017549
7232 Walnut Creek Dr $136,90031,475Davis Real Estate Experts, KylOklahoma CityOKWillRogers/Hefner/PC10/03/2017444
1424 Buena Vista Circle
Adorable 3/2/2 w/lovely little pond in yard!
$156,50031,500Taber, CRS, GRI, Warren K.NormanOKEisen/Long/NNHS10/03/2017550
3603 Glendale Dr $215,00031,876Kimbrell, PaulaNormanOKNorman10/03/2017525
725 Schulze Dr $284,50042,443Hadley, JudiNormanOKNorman10/02/2017893
3023 SW 124th $82531,244Whitnah CRS - GRIĀ , CheriOklahoma CityOKOklahoma City10/02/2017386
2323 Dakota St $132,90031,252Richards, AngelaNormanOKNorman10/02/2017572
1820 Oakcreek Dr $132,500
31,468O'Sullivan, LaurenNormanOKNorman10/02/2017486
300 E Douglas Dr $750
2936Hancock, HeatherMidwest CityOKMidwest City09/29/20173,955
811 S Flood Ave $639,00053,533Saxon, Jackie and TerryNormanOKNorman09/29/2017985
517 Apple Tree Ln $149,90031,442Colvin, CelesteMooreOKMoore09/29/2017427
3509 Phillips St $149,90041,620Davis Real Estate Experts, KylMooreOKMoore09/29/2017478
6705 Eagles Landing $175,00042,210Davis Real Estate Experts, KylOklahoma CityOKMidwest / Del City09/29/2017522
1940 72nd NW $249,90031,781Davis Real Estate Experts, KylNormanOKRoos/Whittier/NNHS09/29/2017681
1330 High Meadows Dr $74,9001800Taber, CRS, GRI, Warren K.NormanOKNorman09/29/2017579
18813 308th St
Farmhouse chic on over 1/4 acre lot!
$365,00032,880Taber, CRS, GRI, Warren K.NormanOKNorman09/29/2017836
2625 sw 90th St $159,90031,916Sasnett, CarolOklahoma CityOKOklahoma City09/29/2017426
125 W Rich
$149,00031,475Veal, TraceyNormanOKWilson/Long/NNHS09/27/20171,026
5017 Stonehenge Ln
Includes 2 Acres! Check out Drone Footage!
Open House: 10/22/2017 SUN 1-3 PM
$376,50043,477Moss, JudyNormanOKWashingto/Irv/NHS09/27/20172,120
17212 Serrano Dr $212,90031,716Baird, AngieOklahoma CityOKMoore09/27/2017
Under Contract
2505 Langley Ct
Stunning Open Floor Plan!
$259,90042,117Bowline, DarleneNormanOKNorman09/27/2017890
25098 Kody Ln
Includes 2.24 Acres!
$285,90032,231Cochrane, RhondaPurcellOKPurcell09/26/2017651
Fishmarket Rd & 1280
Includes 156 Acres!
$265,00011McAuliffe, TomMacombOK 09/25/2017513
10337 Leicester Dr $160,00031,887Jay, PaulaYukonOKYukon09/25/20171,104
3200 Sexton
Includes 10 Acres!
$375,00022,380McAuliffe, TomNormanOKNorman09/25/2017
Under Contract
15629 Stepping Stone Ct $179,50031,983Haralson, StaceyOklahoma CityOKOklahoma City09/25/2017677
9821 Brush Creek Rd
Includes over 2 Acres!
$435,00032,233Talley, LisaNormanOKNorman09/25/2017809
2849 County St 2790
Includes 25.81 Acres!
$565,00054,682Howell, MarlaChickashaOKPioneer/Chickasha09/22/20173,970
700 Scotts Bluff $434,90043,555McCurdy, MarkNormanOKNorman09/22/2017873
124 Misty Morning Dr $399,90043,094Virden, BobChoctawOKChoctaw09/22/2017629
201 N Base Ave $124,00031,090Davis Real Estate Experts, KylNormanOKAdams/Whittier/NNHS09/22/20171,566
4216 Lorings Cir $445,00043,270Yoder, DeltonNormanOKNorman09/22/2017852
2629 NW 182nd $182,00031,655Morren, SteveEdmondOKEdmond09/22/2017499
4901 Kennington Ln $374,98542,743Miller, ShawnaOklahoma CityOKMidwest/Del City09/22/2017634
12608 Forest Oaks Dr $279,90032,352Miller, ShawnaChoctawOKChoctaw09/22/2017579
3825 Carrington Ln $289,90032,600McCurdy, MarkNormanOKRoos/Whittier/NNHS09/21/2017959
18356 320th St $489,00043,769Waldenville, Bryan & ZanNormanOKJackson/Alcott/NHS09/21/2017675
4017 Castlerock Rd $249,90032,384Karen McIntosh & Jill HalloranNormanOKNorman09/21/2017891
1705 Daisy Ln $224,90032,343Karen McIntosh & Jill HalloranNormanOKNorman09/21/2017734
3012 Harwich Ct $309,90032,545Davis Real Estate Experts, KylNormanOKJeff/Long/NNHS09/21/20171,040
1427 Oakwood Dr $184,00042,213Wilson, PatNormanOKNorman09/20/2017929
804 N Parkview Cir
$135,00031,536Llewelyn, KimMooreOKMoore09/20/2017
Under Contract
20600 Misty Glen $64,90031,904Davis Real Estate Experts, KylNewallaOKMcLoud09/20/2017664
10116 33rd St $349,99553,401Rexroad, KerriYukonOKYukon09/20/2017432
2457 County Road 1199
Includes 1 Acre!
$254,50032,212Ingle, JenniferBlanchardOKNewcastle09/19/2017643
5101 Winding Oaks Ln
Includes 2.34 Acres!
$299,90042,817McAuliffe, TomNormanOKNorman09/18/2017
Under Contract
1804 Jordan Dr $169,00031,705Kirby, KimberlyMooreOKMoore09/18/20171,537
313 Pine Cove Ct $154,90031,661White, MarthaNormanOKNorman09/18/2017792
1540 SW 93rd St $169,90032,169Morren, SteveOklahoma CityOKMoore Schools09/18/2017666
5301 108th Ave NE
Includes 5.25 Acres!
$239,90041,767Robinson, DawnNormanOKNorman09/18/2017972
4109 Colchester Ct $295,00042,713Rieger, DanaNormanOKTruman/Whittier/NNHS09/18/2017902