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AddressPriceBRsSQ FeetRealtorCitySTSchoolsPosted OnTours
W Captain Rd
5.00 Acres. Vacant Land
$30,00011Hubbs, NikiiWellstonOKHarrah02/23/201724
1005 W Franklin
Includes 4.8 Acres!
$450,00054,277Allen, SteffaniNormanOKMoore Public Schools02/23/2017204
8318 Shadow Lake Dr
Includes 1 Acre!
Open House: 02/26/2017 SUN 2-4 PM
$314,90042,626Wehling, MichelleBlanchardOKBlanchard02/23/201767
3408 Windjammer $205,00031,808Morren, SteveNormanOKNorman Public School02/23/201798
2126 Parkview Dr $114,50031,149Blasingame, KittieMooreOKMoore Public Schools02/23/201736
6424 SE 160th St
Includes .84 Acres!
$369,90043,000Davis Real Estate Experts, KylOklahoma CityOKMoore Public Schools02/23/201766
3804 Evesham Ct $349,90042,933Kerr Real Estate Team, WallyNormanOKNorman Public School02/23/2017139
404 E Plantation Ter
Home Warranty Provided
$164,50031,662White, LaNellMustangOKMustang Schools02/23/20177
1316 Anns Place
Open House: 02/26/2017 SUN 2-4 PM
$212,00041,814Colvin, CelesteMooreOKMoore Public Schools02/23/201715
11641 SW 8th St $170,00031,557Kimbrell, PaulaYukonOKYukon Schools02/23/201719
44 NE 50th (AUCTION MAR 11 AT 10 AM)
Open Houses: Sat Feb 25 & March 4th 10-3
Call15,470Dakil, LouisOklahoma CityOK 02/22/2017133
1421 SE 13th St
Open House: 03/05/2017 Lovingly maintained
$172,30031,582Kieltyka, JonellMooreOKMoore02/22/2017408
3305 Caddo Ln
For Lease $900!
$90031,170Andy Newman, Tony Graham &NormanOKNorman Public School02/22/2017140
1 Maple Sooner
Includes 10.31 Acres!
$115,00011Davis Real Estate Experts, KylWashingtonOKWashington02/22/201762
836 SE 68th $60,0003866Perry, RickOklahoma CityOKOklahoma City02/22/2017106
2531 Linden Ave $189,00032,122Gasaway, KeithNormanOKMon/Alcott/NHS02/21/2017427
7625 S Pottawatomie Rd (AUCTION MAR 11 at 10 AM)
Open Houses: SAT FEB 25TH& MARCH 4 10-3
Call31Dakil, LouisWellstonOK 02/21/2017184
912 Bear Mountain Dr
Open House: 02/26/2017 SUN 2-4 PM
$170,50031,456Karen McIntosh & Jill HalloranNormanOKAdams/Whit/NNHS02/21/2017255
2104 Miramar Blvd (AUCTION MAR 11 at 10 AM)
Open Houses:Feb 25th & March 4th 10-3
Call32,612Dakil, LouisOklahoma CityOK 02/20/2017208
6200 NW 35th St 9 (Auction Mar 11th 10 AM)
Open Houses: SAT FEB 25th & March 4th 10-3
Call32,264Dakil, LouisBethanyOKPutnam City Schools02/20/2017352
3013 Berkshire Way (Auction Mar 11 at 10 AM)
Open Houses: Sat Feb 25th & March 4th 10-3
Call31,556Dakil, LouisOklahoma CityOK 02/20/2017250
3920 S Ladd Ave
Incredible home, 80 acres minutes from Norman
$1,975,00056,198Bowline, DarleneGoldsbyOKGoldsby02/20/2017336
1334 Lincolnshire Rd $185,90032,255Shannon, DaveOklahoma CityOKOklahoma City02/20/2017217
817 SE 7th Ct $219,90031,922Gentry, CourtneyMooreOKMoore Schools02/17/2017312
2825 Creekview Place $200,00032,370Kerr Real Estate Team, WallyNormanOKNorman02/17/2017570
2849 County St 2790
25.81 Acres, 2 Shops, Pool & Play Ground
$599,00054,682Crawford, MackinnonChickashaOKPioneer02/17/2017307
13508 Portofina Strada $435,00042,944Felix, DewanOklahoma CityOKMoore Public Schools02/17/2017333
1705 Canterbury $193,90042,251Ottis, BobbiNormanOKClev/Whittier/NNHS02/17/2017574
5900 SE 70th $162,00031,814Team, The PlanerOklahoma CityOKOklahoma City02/17/2017772
3429 Grant Road $240,00032,124Lett, AnnNormanOKEisn/Longfellow/NNHS02/16/2017500
4100 Queensbury Ct $299,90042,400Veal, TraceyNormanOKRoos/Whittier/NNHS02/16/2017606
6424 SW 109th
Includes 5 Acres!
$540,00054,174Morren, SteveOklahoma CityOKOklahoma City02/16/2017415
9625 Ella Ln $154,90031,490Davis Real Estate Experts, KylOklahoma CityOKMoore Public Schools02/15/2017288
2205 Bruckner $182,50031,656Kimbrell, PaulaNormanOKNorman Public School02/15/2017515
103 Westbrook $275,00042,700Herd, KathyPauls valleyOKPauls Valley02/15/2017307
5802 Rolling Ridge Dr $325,00042,930Koeltzow, PattiTuttleOKTuttle Schools02/14/2017824
1401 Sawgrass $279,50042,405Veal, TraceyNormanOKNorman Public School02/14/2017585
225 East 30th $114,90031,106Baird, AngieEdmondOKEdmond02/13/2017
Under Contract
1301 Whippoorwill Dr $175,00041,912Moss, JudyNormanOKKennedy/Irving/NHS02/13/2017608
500 Woodbriar $149,90031,539Darr, PeggyNobleOKNoble Public Schools02/13/2017345
512 Kings Ct
Qualifies for Jumbo loan with 10% down
$485,00053,995Koeltzow, PattiTuttleOKTuttle02/10/2017937
1432 Antler Ridge $270,60032,200Koeltzow, PattiTuttleOKTuttle02/10/2017
Under Contract
2484 St Hwy 92 $140,00031,586Schwenn, SethChickashaOKChickasha02/10/2017446
2300 Paul Ct $144,90031,403Bladow, AmyNormanOKReagan/Irving/NHS02/10/2017618
829 Nancy Lynn Terr $219,90042,250Kerr Real Estate Team, WallyNormanOKJackson/Alcott/NHS02/10/2017718
2704 SW 130th Ct $835,00055,236Kerr Real Estate Team, WallyOklahoma CityOKMoore02/10/2017702
2600 SW 138th St $379,90032,846Kerr Real Estate Team, WallyOklahoma CityOKMoore Public Schools02/10/2017520
101 Chardonnay Ln $250,00032,340Kerr Real Estate Team, WallyNormanOKJefferson/Long/NNHS02/10/2017778
804 Shadowlake Rd $177,50031,793Kerr Real Estate Team, WallyNormanOKNorman Public School02/10/2017579
3509 Quail Run Cir $144,50031,538Waldenville, Bryan & ZanMooreOKMoore Public Schools02/10/2017534
2305 Newman St $124,90041,320Kerr Real Estate Team, WallyNormanOKWash/Irving/NHS02/10/2017600
1503 Denison $132,50031,217Waldenville, Bryan & ZanNormanOKCleveland/Whit/NHHS02/09/2017
Under Contract
9909 Stefano Circle $334,90042,742Bullard, JenniferYukonOKYukon Schools02/09/2017653
4101 Kitty Hawk Dr
2.97 Acres!
$247,50032,264Gilmartin Smith, GingerBlanchardOKBlanchard02/09/2017755
3003 River Oaks 104 $83,0002919Thomas, GingerNormanOKTruman/Whittier/NNHS02/09/2017670
717 Washington St $114,90031,864Davis Real Estate Experts, KylPurcellOKPurcell Schools02/08/2017646
4010 Knob Hill Circle $164,00031,673Williford, ErinNormanOKTruman/Alcott/NHS02/07/2017
Under Contract
3700 Burlington $440,00043,321Perry, RickNormanOKNorman Public School02/07/20171,639
1301 Fairsted Ct $171,90031,553Morren, SteveNormanOKNorman Public School02/07/2017698
144 Talon Cir $238,50032,019Lawson, JanBlanchardOKBlanchard Schools02/07/2017729
1009 Clover Lane
HALF Acre Lot!
$150,00031,668Davis Real Estate Experts, KylOklahoma CityOKMillwood02/07/2017732
4908 Lyon $219,80032,000Waldenville, Bryan & ZanNormanOKTruman/Whittier/NNHS02/07/2017
Under Contract
2620 Berry Farm Rd $168,50011Waldenville, Bryan & ZanNormanOKRoos/Whittier/NNHS02/07/2017
Under Contract
2212 Burning Tree
Study and HUGE master closet
$389,90032,548Thomas, GingerNormanOKEisenhower/Long/NNHS02/07/20171,150
608 Park Hollow Ct
New Price!
42,071Taylor, SandyNormanOKWashington/Irv/NHS02/06/2017976
19545 Dove Ln
Includes 2.5 Acres!
$259,90042,285Davis Real Estate Experts, KylNewallaOKNewalla02/06/2017834
1631 Greenbriar $498,00053,809Burton, NancyNormanOKNorman Public School02/06/20171,392
617 NW 19th St $142,00031,418Haralson, StaceyMooreOKMoore Public Schools02/03/2017767
5614 Sunset Ridge Rd
$285,00032,242Llewelyn, KimNewallaOKMcLoud02/03/2017
Under Contract
9 Pebble Creek $590,00044,181McAuliffe, TomNormanOKClev/Whit/NNHS02/03/20171,204
505 Tyler Dr $169,00031,659Womack, DeeNormanOKWash/Irving/NHS02/02/20171,193
14000 Paddington Ave $228,50031,858Davis Real Estate Experts, KylOklahoma CityOKOklahoma City02/02/2017830
9325 NW 134th Terr $246,00042,656Windle, KimYukonOKPiedmont02/02/2017761
4117 Goshawk
Two City Lots!
32,300Darr, PeggyNormanOKNorman02/02/20171,079
535 Tulsa $289,00031,831York, JanetNormanOKLincoln/Irving/NHS02/02/20171,247
2601 SW 138th
Open House: 02/26/2017 SUN 2-4 PM
$379,00043,067Coover, MelissaOklahoma CityOKMoore Public Schools02/02/2017742
12208 Long Lake Blvd $339,90043,071Gentry, CourtneyOklahoma CityOKMoore Public Schools02/02/2017
Under Contract
109 Greentree Dr $124,70031,250Coover, MelissaNobleOKNoble Schools02/02/2017
Under Contract
18941 308th St $474,90044,000Waldenville, Bryan & ZanNormanOKJackson/Alcott/NHS02/01/2017811
2513 Ridgefield Drive $284,900
42,901Taylor, PattyNormanOKAdams/Whit/NNHS02/01/20171,183
12312 Crystal Gardens Dr $154,90031,583Baird, AngieOklahoma CityOKOklahoma City02/01/2017
Under Contract
600 Highgrove
$219,90042,100Jones, DianeBlanchardOKBlanchard02/01/2017849
618 Highgrove
$224,90032,150Jones, DianeBlanchardOKBlanchard02/01/2017847
6608 NW 30th $149,90031,286Jones, DianeBethanyOKBethany02/01/2017719
15405 Stone Meadows Dr
FABULOUS 3Bed/2Bath Home!
$169,90031,785Llewelyn, KimMooreOKMoore02/01/2017921
3003 River Oaks Unit 204 $81,9002896Vawter, SallieNormanOKNorman01/30/2017
Under Contract
405 E Maple
Open House: 02/26/2017 SUN 2-4 PM
$104,90031,428Richards, AngelaNobleOKKatherine/PMS/NHS01/27/2017779
18356 320th St $489,000
43,769Waldenville, Bryan & ZanNormanOKJackson/Alcott/NHS01/27/20171,258
207 N 7th $169,90032,030Waldenville, Bryan & ZanMcloudOKMcLoud01/27/2017912
404 N Hickory Ln $135,00031,573Shannon, CindyMooreOKMoore Public Schools01/27/20171,545
609 SW 103rd Place $185,90032,212Kerr Real Estate Team, WallyOklahoma CityOKMoore01/27/20171,074
17401 Murcielago Ct $279,90042,402Davis Real Estate Experts, KylOklahoma CityOKMoore01/27/20171,321
2609 Hollywood Ave
Open House January 29th from 2-4pm.
42,596Foreman, WendyNormanOKMonroe/Alcott/NHS01/27/20171,154
3405 Grant Rd $236,00042,178Rieger, DanaNormanOKNorman Public School01/26/20171,261
2316 Austrian Pine Dr $179,90031,783Davis Real Estate Experts, KylChoctawOKChoctaw Schools01/26/20171,265
2121 Henderson Ct $228,00043,006Veal, TraceyNormanOKJackson/Alcott/NHS01/26/20171,637
3249 SW 65th $100,00031,708Kerr Real Estate Team, WallyOklahoma CityOKOklahoma City01/26/2017995
3316 Valley Brook $334,90033,223Vawter, SallieNormanOKReag/Irv/NNHS01/25/20171,285
1714 Lancaster Cir $139,900
31,243Andy Newman, Tony Graham &NormanOKJackson/Alcott/NHS01/25/20171,462
4625 Fawn Run $225,00042,607Ivy, LaurenYukonOKYukon Schools01/25/2017
Under Contract
301 Sonora $340,00032,495Lett, AnnNormanOKAdams/Whit/NNHS01/25/2017
Under Contract
205 Pecan Vly
Open House: 03/04/2017 See you Saturday 2-4
$259,90032,184Morren, SteveNormanOKAdams/Whitt/NNHS01/24/20171,412
4809 Republic Dr $104,90031,560Hubbart, Kathy & AmberOklahoma CityOKMidwest/ Del City01/24/2017
Under Contract