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Properties in Moore, OK

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AddressPriceBRsSQ FtRealtorSchoolsAdditionPosted OnTours
4113 S Eastern Ave$1,100,00078,930Derrick, ArielMooreRural Lot06/12/20175,922
3200 Shady Creek
Includes 1.03 Acres!
32,970Cavallo, Kara LeaMooreShady Creek05/03/2017
Under Contract
311 SE 27th
5.5 Acres with Golf Course View!
$587,00043,600Morren, SteveMoore Public Schools 09/01/20163,797
3520 Joshua Ln
Brand New Home! Backs up to Belmar!
$564,90033,238Beasley, AlisonMooreJoshua's Landing11/09/20155,072
4209 Crystal Springs Road $550,00030Kerr Real Estate Team, WallyMoore 07/05/2017392
3545 Joshua Ln
Brand New Home! Backs up to Belmar!
$549,90043,140Beasley, AlisonMooreJoshua's Landing11/09/20155,085
3000 Morning Glory $515,00033,002Kerr Real Estate Team, WallyMoore 07/05/2017381
208 N Wyndemere Lakes Dr $380,00043,279Campbell, AndyMoore Public SchoolsEstates of Wyndemere01/06/20172,996
3912 Sendera Lakes Drive $339,900
42,653King, RhondaMooreSendera Lakes06/15/2017995
1904 Lewis Lane
Includes 3.33 Acres!
$339,00032,786Saxon, Jackie and TerryMoore Public Schools 07/21/2017264
1600 SW 38th St $335,00042,900Kimbrell, PaulaMoorePark Glenn Acres07/10/2017563
10200 Gee Dr $294,00042,217Morren, SteveMoore Public Schools 06/07/2017
Under Contract
4104 SE 39th Court $293,04042,442Davis Real Estate Experts, KylTimber Creek/MooreBelmar North11/21/20163,083
4401 SE 38th St $282,60032,355Davis Real Estate Experts, KylTimber Creek/MooreBelmar North11/21/20162,777
3904 W Sendera Lakes Dr $269,00032,040Cosper, GlenMoore Public SchoolsSendera LakesSOLD668
4104 SE 38th St $252,24042,102Davis Real Estate Experts, KylTimber Creek/MooreBelmar North11/21/20162,819
2912 SW 124th Ct $219,900
42,480Baird, AngieMooreBrandywine06/28/2017749
2509 SE 10th St $218,50031,925Saxon, Jackie and TerryMooreCreeks at Wimberley03/15/20164,561
1308 Mead Cir $218,000
32,471Cosper, GlenMooreOdom Santa Fe10/27/20163,322
1316 Anns Place $212,00041,814Colvin, CelesteMoore Public SchoolsRock Creek Estates02/23/20171,521
904 Blackjack $208,50042,515Hale, MichaelMoore Public SchoolsOak Creek10/14/20162,929
1105 Jacob Dr $199,90042,115Chitwood, RonnaMoore 07/06/2017497
816 Elm Creek Dr $197,90042,312Perry, RickMoore 04/18/20164,999
129 SE 27th Street $195,00052,449Wolever, RJMooreFranke Athletic Club05/05/20171,122
1701 Pinewood Dr
31,802Hale, MichaelMooreJD Estates11/20/20146,619
3409 Marilyn Drive $187,50031,719Davis Real Estate Experts, KylMoore Schools SOLD2,893
3106 Carey Place $185,90031,949Se, BoMooreBlue Steam Ridge09/10/201311,279
842 SW 14th St $185,00031,617Davis Real Estate Experts, KylMoore Public Schools SOLD2,215
800 Glenwood $179,90031,826Davis Real Estate Experts, KylMoore Public SchoolsHunters Glen04/14/2017950
3317 Paul Drive $179,00031,576Akin, JeffMooreNorthridge07/05/2017408
1513 SE 15th St $175,00041,715Ezell, MicheleMooreMeadow Run11/28/20164,607
14616 S Robinson $174,90031,635Fillmore, TresseaMoore Public SchoolsWestmoor05/18/2017760
14801 Brent Circle $173,50031,550Flowers, MikeMoore Public SchoolsWestmoor04/07/2017939
16300 Vicki $172,900
31,623Kimbrell, PaulaMoore Public SchoolsStone Meadows05/16/2017811
609 Hedgewood Dr $168,90041,841Gaston, KelliHeritage/Moore HighHeatherwood12/07/20153,356
3213 Marilyn Dr $168,90031,537Davis Real Estate Experts, KylMoore Public Schools SOLD1,234
1801 NE 31st $164,90031,492Davis Real Estate Experts, KylMoore Public Schools SOLD1,055
826 Woodward $164,90041,844Leist, StevenMoore Public Schools SOLD789
2509 Thomas Dr $160,00041,839Wells, JasonMoore 07/29/201118,026
1352 NW 9th St
Beautifully maintained
$159,99931,685Warren, DeniseMoore Public SchoolsGreenbriar06/08/2017810
2504 SE 93rd St $159,90031,549Ellis, KoryMooreWinfield08/14/20154,318
2408 Bellaire $159,90031,626Saxon, Jackie and TerryMoore Public SchoolsHighland Park10/06/20162,391
500 Garland St $159,90031,730Fleming, SarahMoore Public SchoolsHighland Park11/29/20162,272
612 SW 104th Place
SOLD in 6 DAYS!!!
$159,90032,052Llewelyn, KimMoore Public SchoolsBrookwood VillageSOLD1,063
11414 Mackel Drive
FABULOUS Updated Home in Moore Schools!
$159,90041,723Llewelyn, KimMooreGreen Valley07/11/2017608
937 NW 30th Ct $157,90031,371Krings, PattiMoorePrairie Field Estate06/15/2017738
1926 Evans Ct $157,00031,543Kerr Real Estate Team, WallyMoore Public Schools SOLD1,031
1100 NE 19th Street $156,90031,978Price, Kim East Hills06/09/20163,237
101 SW 28th St $155,00031,676Marler, RandyMooreThe Woods06/29/20163,761
920 NE 28th St $155,000
31,491Kimbrell, PaulaMooreGabriel Crossing03/27/20171,109
1929 Evans Ct $154,90031,458Kerr Real Estate Team, WallyMoore Public Schools 04/11/2017824
2809 SE 91st $154,90041,608Davis Real Estate Experts, KylBryant/Central/MooreWinfield II07/07/2017430
4317 Mackenzie Dr $153,000
31,549Gordon, Paul and KathyMooreKatie Ridge10/20/20154,420
813 SE 36th St $149,90031,643Cox, ChristenMooreQuail Ridge08/07/20138,550
1416 NE 4th St $149,90031,900Davis Real Estate Experts, KylMoore Public Schools SOLD1,394
220 SE 26th St
New paint & new carpet!
$147,00031,650McCaul, DeborahMooreQuail Ridge03/31/2016
Under Contract
1001 NW 8th St $145,90031,320Brand, RichMoore Public SchoolsSouth GateSOLD1,050
613 SW 38th $144,90031,466Saxon, Jackie and TerryMoore 06/23/2017651
632 NW 20th St $143,90031,499Team, The PlanerMoore Public Schools 07/12/2017244
300 Bellaire $140,000
42,016Perry, RickMoore 06/13/20164,987
2408 E Hills Dr
SOLD in 3 DAYS!!!
$139,90031,588Llewelyn, KimMoore Public SchoolsEast HillsSOLD916
932 NE 4th $139,90031,919Fleming, SarahMoore Public SchoolsSilver East Manor06/29/2017655
1037 NW 14th St $139,90031,522Davis Real Estate Experts, KylMoore Public School 07/14/2017320
212 Kelley Dr
SOLD in 6 DAYS!!!
$138,50031,600Llewelyn, KimMoore Public SchoolsBroadmoor CreekSOLD880
517 Hedgewood Dr $135,00031,246Kehl, MariaMooreHeatherwood11/21/20146,336
3504 Phillips $135,00031,620Wolever, RJMoore 07/19/2017238
3212 SW 96th $129,90031,326Team, The PlanerMoore Public Schools SOLD767
3516 Ellis Ave $127,00031,240Davis Real Estate Experts, KylMoore Public Schools SOLD2,375
1703 SW 23rd $124,90031,186Saxon, Jackie and TerryBriar/South/MooreBaers Westmore07/08/20163,106
1007 Craig Dr $119,90041,394Davis Real Estate Experts, KylMoore Public Schools SOLD2,235
105 SW 13th $117,50041,269Sasnett, Carol SouthmooreSOLD862
1701 Eagle Dr $117,00031,101Wells, JasonMoore 08/21/20146,525
408 NE 20th St $114,90031,399Price, KimMooreNorthmoor01/29/201310,944
505 Fox Ave $114,00041,791Wells, JasonMoore 07/12/201311,758
601 N Patterson Dr $110,00031,487Galier, RitaMooreSilver Leaf Manor05/19/20147,743
2102 N Nail Parkway $110,0003956Morren, SteveMoore Public Schools 05/31/2017
Under Contract
1008 Hargis Lane $110,00031,217Latham, MarlaMoore Public Schools 07/24/201782
1205 S Bouziden Dr $109,80031,116Mitchell, TrentonMoore Public SchoolsEastmoor06/08/2017571
1057 NW 1st St $108,00031,257Perry, RickMoore 08/31/20155,414
207 NE 18th $108,00031,209Bedner, JamesMoore 06/01/2017
Under Contract
928 SW 1st $106,50031,068Perry, RickMooreSouth Gate11/20/20155,722
921 SE 15th $105,00031,026Perry, RickMoore Public Schools 03/28/20171,135
1645 NE 6th Terr $99,90021,279Davis Real Estate Experts, KylMoore Public SchoolsMashburns Gold Metal05/24/2017734
2304 Cedar Brook Dr $89,9002926Bladow, AmyMoore 06/12/2017616
860 NW 14th St
Seller paying up to $3000 of buyers CC
31,006Villines-Peoples, DevrieMooreRegency Park10/02/20157,616
1360 NW 8th Street $1,20031,550Lewis, SueMooreEast Lake06/21/2017589